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We Help Brands Drive Retail Sales

Connect with IDG today about your permanent display needs.


IDG utilizes advanced technologies to increase display productivity and drive incremental sales.

IDG utilizes advanced technologies toincrease display productivity and drive incremental sales.


Clients depend on IDG to deliver the latest technologies to radically improve in-store results.

Only IDG has the creative design and technical depth to produce captivating displays using strategic illumination, advanced interactive audio/video technologies or programatically targeted video messaging.

A Pragmatic Approach to Retail Display Technologies

IDG can embed sophisticated technologies into displays to attract, engage and convert consumers with a unique shopping experience.

Our industrial designers are experts in leveraging electronic systems which will amplify your brand story and product features while differentiating your display from competitors.

We take a highly disciplined approached to embedding technology into retail displays. All components are extensively tested for long-term operation and all fixtures are certified compliant with all necessary regulatory approvals.

IDG understands the rigours of retail and we are focused on producing displays that will continually serve your customers.


From robust push-button audio demonstration systems to fully immersive touch-screen video experiences, IDG engineers know how to implement the perfect interactive solution for each unique in-store application.

There is no better method to optimize consumer engagement than presenting an engaging and relevant interactive experience. Shoppers expect their time in-store to be exciting, educational and entertaining – or else they would simply shop online.

IDG can help you repurpose existing online assets to reward your customers with a real-life experience that is far greater than the web   browser.

The Power of Interactive Displays

​The Power of Interactive Displays

Precision-targeted, Contextual Media In-store

Your customers are unique; they deserve a unique shopping experience. IDG’s computer vision platform allows you to produce on-shelf messaging that is tailored to the physical attributes of each customer. Armed with this information, you can then program video messages or a suite of interactive experiences for any specific shopper profile. Combine this with transposing your online product finder and you have a powerful tool that will influence purchase decisions in store.

​The benefits are transformational
The benefits are transformational
  • Amplified customer engagement and sales

  • Colossal competitive advantage

  • Unprecedented cross-sell opportunity

  • Brand safety and consumer privacy protection

  • Invaluable insights and retail execution assurance

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