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We Help Brands Drive Retail Sales

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IDG specializes in complex retail verticals including: consumer electronics, prestige & mass beauty, home appliances and shop-in-shop specialty environments.

​Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

The need to touch, feel and try before you buy is the new norm. At IDG we combine meaningful product stories with creative ways to experience consumer electronics first-hand.



Creating Prestige and Mass market cosmetic displays is our strength. IDG works with brands and retailers to engage customers with on-trend, fashionable and functional health and beauty merchandising solutions.

​Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Home appliances have become a leading style and trend category. IDG works with brands in this space to engage consumers and communicate the evolving technology, style and effectiveness of these products.

​Shop-In-Shop Fixtures

Shop-In-Shop Fixtures

Creating and building an effective shop-in-shop experience is an art. Our creative team uses an analytical approach to maximize the ROI of the space to showcase product categories to capture the imagination and excite the shopper.

​Branded Display

Branded Displays

Brands aim to disrupt the status-quo with new, unique and ground-breaking products. At IDG we embrace the challenge of drawing attention to these brands by creating three-dimensional, graphic and interactive merchandising displays that are equally unique.

Regulated Products 

Regulated retail brands and environments represent a creative challenge. Our team has developed and built innovative regulated brand experience environments, engaging interactive fixtures and modular merchandising programs for these complex channels. IDG understands the essence of this new, exciting and growing retail vertical. We help brands command attention in-store. 

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