From 3D modeling of prototypes to roll-out production, our approach is to first focus on the right design and then choose the best materials and processes that reflect your brand attributes and provide the highest quality and value.

Whether in-house manufacturing in our 70,000 square foot facility or working with our vast network of trusted suppliers in North America and overseas, we have the components supply network that can deliver your display cost eectively, on time, and on brand.

If the design calls for millwork and plastics, we will manufacture in our own facility utilizing some of the latest in state-of-the-art computer-assisted equipment, including the highly versatile 5-Axis CNC which allows us to provide the highest level of accuracy, quality control and excellence in woodworking design. We consider our cabinetmakers and fabricators to be the best in the industry who are always passionate about the final product they create.

The manufacturing team reviews each stage of the assembly process; checking that all component parts, assemblies and graphics meet the agreed upon specifications for structural integrity, safety, and brand standards. Additionally, we have strict criteria for the health and safety of all our employees and partners in the various manufacturing sectors both locally and o-shore.

Off-Shore Manufacturing

Depending on clients budget and timelines, as well as the need for special material requirements, we utilize our nearly 10 year long manufacturing partnerships in the Asian-Pacific markets to execute a variety of display programs. Whether sourcing partial manufacture for components, or completing a full display program, we can combine our local manufacturing facilities with our cost-effective Asia partners to deliver significant cost savings while maintaining the flexibility and quality of our local manufacturing.