Since our inception, design excellence and innovation has been our driving force. We always ensure our client’s displays have an edge over the competition and leave consumers with a memorable in-store experience. Excellent design work is based on a strong understanding of the fundamentals of form, function, appearance, and convenience. This combines creativity, aesthetics, production expertise, and applied shopper insights. Our team of industrial designers, engineers, and graphic designers shape every display and fixture that we construct to form your brand vision. Our designers are highly proactive and are constantly in the field conducting store visits searching for latest creations and innovations, which shape today’s retail market.


Engineering is the critical path between design and manufacturing. It is the structured process that allows us to value engineer your design so it is produced at the highest quality. We engineer all our displays in-house with access to the best manufacturing processes and technologies available. Our engineers work meticulously to ensure your projects meet the design and functional demands of today’s retail environments. Engineers at IDG use years of accumulated industry skills and experience and utilize the latest design software to ensure the project provides maximum value for our clients and their customers.

Account Management

Each client is supported by an experienced, results driven Account Manager who take on an active role in understanding all aspects of each client’s business. They effectively communicate with clients and fully engage them throughout the design and execution process. They listen to the needs and vision of the client, and help our team interpret those needs into merchandising solutions that move their products, enhance the brand experience, and ultimately achieve ROI.

Within IDG the Account Manager leads a cross-functional team of experts consisting of design, engineering, project management, production, logistics, through to installation services. This highly collaborative cross-functional team approach takes advantage of different areas of knowledge, which is what ensures we provide the most relevant and effective merchandising solution for each client.

Project Management

The IDG project management team has years of experience backed by degrees in manufacturing and production. Our project managers are experts in the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of your project goals and objectives.


See the Manufacturing page to learn more about our extensive manufacturing expertise.


IDG utilizes a global-network of freight and logistics companies and have developed partnerships for seamless distribution. Our own logistics system and software tracks shipments, provides follow-up delivery information and history reporting. Whether you require LTL, multiple direct shipments, phased delivery or warehousing, our distribution team has the flexibility to meet your needs in a professional and timely fashion. Whatever the scope and scale of your logistics needs, we are committed to providing exceptional quality service and speed to market with every project.

Installation Services

Our commitment to execution does not stop with manufacturing and logistics. Where required, we partner with leading installers throughout North America to provide in-store installation services of your display and fixture programs. Whether a simple display set-up or a more complex execution with product merchandising or digital and electronics requirements, we offer skilled specialists who understand the unique challenges of retail environments. We handle everything from delivery tracking, daily reporting, through to deficiency and progress reports and trouble shooting so clients are always aware of a rollout status and are assured a seamless execution.