Data & Analytics—

Collect DATA, not Dust!

Now Integrated Display Group and its technology division, SENSINDATA, design and build fixtures and displays that harvest customer interaction data.

Data is a valuable asset and retailers and brands that are able to use this information effectively are better equipped to make the right strategic and tactical decisions for their business.

Retailers and brands already collect data from POS sales transactions, loyalty programs, social media, mobile APPs, demographics, and other sources and many are doing a lot in the area of data crunching and analytics to optimize aspects of store performance and shopper experience.

Since over 90% of customers still prefer to make their purchase in the store, embedding the latest sensor technology into the display where they shop will allow us to collect even more meaningful data, in real time. The types of data acquired can show how many customers are shopping the display, at what time of day, what products they are exploring, for how long, and so on. Having this data not only allows us to analyze it and make better decisions on product placement, product mix, store layout, as well as drive conversions, it also allows us to be more interactive with the customer, help them, proactively, to make a purchase. And it’s all done in real time.

Increase Sales & Return on Investment

The ultimate goal of data collection from displays and other sources is to gather insights that drive decisions to help our retail and brand customers to improve shopper experiences, streamline omni-channel engagement and make it more consistent, and ultimately increase sales and achieve a better return on investment of their displays and fixtures.