Tim Hortons Metro 4-Sided Display

Client Request

Create a permanent display for Metro grocery environments to introduce the new Single Serve Coffee format to consumers outside the traditional Tim Hortons store.

Our Solution

Large format graphics created an immediate, strong Tim Hortons brand presence and introduction of a new Single Serve Coffee product line. The 4-sided design allowed for easy access to shop and to merchandise a higher capacity of sku’s available only at Metro stores. Made of a durable, lightweight construction consisting of wood, wire, and plastic graphic panels, the display is well suited to live inside a harsh shopping cart environment. Casters allowed for easy mobility in-store and the ability to clean floors at night.


The large size and heavily branded design allowed Tim Hortons to extend their brand experience outside their stores and create a high level of awareness and increased sales of the new single serve coffee format to both existing and new customers. The display was well received by Metro who liked the ability to easily restock and to move the display as needed.